With the highest job growth, wages, and tax cuts in a decade, Alabama is working again! I want to continue bringing progress and prosperity back to our state.

I’m a tough-as-nails straight shooter who is cutting through political correctness and corruption. There’s nothing “DC” about me.

I'm pro-life because God teaches us to love life, and he created us and wants us to love one another. I believe every life is precious, starting at conception, and I will always advocate for those who are unable to advocate for themselves.

Alabama is working again, thanks to our pro-job initiatives that led to the creation of more than 13,000 jobs, including 4,000 from Toyota-Mazda. That’s no bull!

We can’t change or erase our history - and we shouldn't tear it down either. That's why I signed a law to protect our historical monuments. I believe Alabamians agree with my decision, and support protecting our historical monuments.

When I became Governor last year, I vowed to clean up Montgomery & protect our conservative values. And we have!

I’ve led a conservative fight to clean up Montgomery, and I’ve banned lobbyists from appointments by the Executive Branch.

I wasted no time cleaning up Montgomery. We’ve overcome the dark cloud that hung over Montgomery and our state on the right track - Alabama is working again!

Fighting for our conservative values means protecting our constitutional rights and the rights of the unborn. That’s why I’m proud to say that I am strongly pro-life and pro-Second Amendment.

Alabama is working again. With more than $6 billion of new investments and thousands of new jobs, Alabama is open for business. And, I’m not done!